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Your Business Website Quickly & Easily!

Showcase Your Business Online the Easy Way!!

In this program we will take the information you provide to create your website:

  • Background Information - via online forms or interviews

  • Logo, Photos, and Images

  • Color palette

  • Template choice (of 3)

  • Social Media account information for linking

  • The web address (URL) for the site+

We will provide guidance for content needed and work with you as you create it.

We will configure, connect, and launch your website as quickly as possible++

Included with the program is one year of web site hosting+++

+ You will be responsible for purchase and registration of a web address.

++ Website launch timing is based on adherence to the project timeline and delivery of background information required for the site.

+++ The one year of website hosting begins from the date of site launch. After the first year has elapsed additional contracts will be required for on-going services.


M Media Group LLC was founded in 2018 by Denise Millet to implement marketing solutions for entrepreneurs and practices so owners can grow and scale their businesses.

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