Explore how a social selling pipeline can help you grow your business. In this Guide you will learn more about:

Social Selling Pipelines

  • What is a Social Selling Pipeline?
  • Why a Pipeline?

What is a Social Selling Pipeline?

A social selling pipeline is a flow of automated actions connected in sequence to generate new leads for your business. These new leads when nurtured, cultivated, and presented offers, provide the opportunity to become new customers, clients, or patients for your business.

Multiple Workflows

We call the flow of actions sequenced together, a workflow, multiple workflows make up a pipeline. As an example, if you are offering a discount for one of your services on your social media posts and a potential customer decides to act on your offer. They would click a link in the post and that link would start the new lead workflow, which includes the following steps:

1. display a website page with a form to capture contact info

2. activate a program to record the contact info in your list of new leads

3. provide a confirmation message thanking them for their interest.

The new lead workflow then triggers the offer delivery workflow which includes the following:

1. send email action with a link to a downloadable coupon to use for the service

2. send text message action to alert them to check their email for the certificate

3. a link in the text message to an online scheduling action if appropriate.

Many Possibilities and Permutations

Many Possible Actions

After an online appointment is scheduled you may want to implement these workflows:

  • appointment confirmation
  • appointment reminder
  • appointment cancellation or reschedule
  • follow-up reminder

Why a Pipeline?

Ready for Future Expansion

A pipeline provides your business an automated solution running 24/7 to reach your target audience. The structure of a pipeline also affords the ability to expand and change as the available platforms and tools evolve in the future.

Barrier Free Flow

Communication and actions with your potential customer are planned and executed to provide a barrier-free flow of tasks. Having a smooth automated process keeps your prospect engaged and lets them know you value their outreach to you and your business. A free-flowing exchange of information supports a new customer as they begin to know you, and as you hope, like you, and trust you, as a provider.

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