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Components of a Pipeline

  • Ads, Postings, and Content
  • Business Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email
  • SMS Messages
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Client Feedback / Reviews

Ads, Postings, and Content

A social selling pipeline accepts traffic from links placed posts, articles, emails, or other content, shared online and on social platforms.

The content and messages shared on social platforms are crafted to speak directly to your target audience. The success of this relies on understanding the demographics, activities, and other characteristics of your ideal customer, client, or patient. When you use the information you will engage those that are the right fit customers, clients, or patients you wish to draw toward your business.

Business Website

When you have engaged a potential new customer, client, or patient with an online offer they may want additional information about you and your business. A Business Website provides a venue where they can find answers to any questions. So, you want to have a website that is a repository of information such that you answer any possible objections or questions they may have about you.

Your website is not just your business listing online. It is a listing of your location, your hours your phone number, pictures of your office, your staff, your locations. Those things are all very, very important, but it's also important to have foundational information that your potential customer may need so that they can get their questions answered as they're considering working with you further.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of formatting and writing online content so that Google programs can analyze it and index it in their database. The indexing allows anyone using the Google platform to use search to locate information on the internet.

There is much discussion on how Google evaluates content when its programs read it. The best way to optimize your content for the best possible treatment by Google is to create the most useful and helpful content for your potential reader as possible. You want to make sure that you satisfy someone's search query with your content.

Email Messages

Email Messaging allows you to send automated confirmations after a new potential customer interacts with your ad, post, or article online. Email is also used to confirm online appointments scheduled.

Email is a pivotal part of ongoing communications with your online community that has expressed interest in your business. Regular useful and relevant messages help nurture your online community.

SMS Messages

SMS or Text Messaging allows an easy way to automate confirmations after a new customer, client, or patient engages with your online offer.

Online Appointment Scheduling

If you use an offer online that includes a visit to your place of business for a service, or an online consultation meeting, it has been shown that allowing the interested person to schedule their appointment online immediately at the time of engagement will yield better conversions.

By giving your prospect a barrier-free way to act on your offer you allow their emotional mind that connected with your message to act before their rational mind can overthink it and move on to the next message in their view.

Once the appointment is scheduled the automated workflow in your pipeline begins a confirmation sequence including SMS, Email, or Voicemail messages.

Client Feedback / Reviews

Every business should have a Google My Business listing, such that foundational information about your business is available when someone does a search on the Google platform. You also want to make sure that you're doing everything you can to get your listing to show up in search results for the appropriate keywords. On the first page. So, in soliciting Google reviews, you increase that opportunity to rank your business. At the top of the list for certain keywords, and every piece of content.


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