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Advanced Content Strategy

Beyond the 2D graphic and text content produced for social and other online platforms, there are two media types you can add to your pipeline to boost engagement and reputation - audio and video.

Audio and video content have proven to have very high engagement rates in many studies, however, the most important reason to use them has more to do with your reputation than your stats.

We all know marketing and sales hinge on your potential customer's ability to know, like, and trust you. Audio and video content provides a way for your target audience to experience you authentically. Showing the real you and your business will have a positive impact on your ability to help people know you better and build their trust.

Video Interviews

A video interview can also be repurposed in your content portfolio, as testimonials where appropriate if your guest agrees, as clips to place on social media postings, as teaser reel content for an event you host are just a few examples.


Another popular form of content to boost your visibility in the online world is a podcast. Which is basically the audio portion of an interview with a peer posted alone on your website.

Audio interviews can be easier for some to participate in as they are not yet comfortable with the camera. And the only equipment they need to participate is a phone or a laptop.

The audio files are also shared on platforms for sharing audio files like iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.

Podcasts are great for those on the go.


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