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Denise Millet

My mission is to help entrepreneurs, consultants, and business owners use the opportunities online platforms afford to create automated lead generation and response systems.

I want to help you launch online marketing solutions that empower you to become the leading service provider in your field and build a business that affords you financial stability and growth.

A Journey

For over 30 years working as a Systems Implementation Consultant, I have studied workflows and processes, installed and configured software, analyzed data, created tons of documentation, and trained hundreds of users. These projects, both large and small, had many purposes for the clients who organized them, however, my purpose and mission above all else was to assist users so they successfully integrated computer systems into their workflow for positive outcomes.

I spent many years working at major hospitals assisting their surgical operations with their surgical supply usage tracking and replenishment. I assisted Surgical Nurses, Implant Coordinators, Supply Technicians, and Warehouse Staff make technology work for them in their operations. Together we found the optimal path to successful use of systems and tech in their daily tasks. Each and every one of these projects was incredibly rewarding to me.


Today I am fulfilling my dream to build an organization that empowers business owners through technology and systems. Online marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have experienced explosive growth in the last few years. Their platforms engage and connect like-minded people, so they are a ripe environment for businesses to find their customers, clients, or patients.

Unfortunately, the platform providers have very confusing documentation for their advertisers. Instead of demystifying their technology so you can get the most out of their platforms, they make it overly complicated with poorly prepared videos and articles that are short on detail. These companies should provide much better support to their customers, but we can’t wait for them to come to that realization.

I provide the services needed today in the form of clear and concise information, done-for-you services, and systems implementation, to get the lead generation to fill your business with great clients and ample cash-flow, without wasting tons of hours and boatloads of money.


M Media Group LLC was founded in 2018 by Denise Millet to implement marketing solutions for entrepreneurs and practices so owners can grow and scale their businesses.

Clayton, NJ, USA

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