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Social selling is more than posts and shares... systems that promote and nurture connection bring the greatest success.

Denise Millet

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Social Media Growth

Every year usage of online platforms grows. The figures from a 2020 Facebook Investor

presentation reflect the enormous growth in their user base.

3.75 Billion+

Active Social Media Users

195 Million+

Facebook Visitors per day (US)


Adults on Facebook (US)

34 Minutes+

Avg Time on Facebook per day

Digital Media Use Grows

Every spring since 1995, Mary Meeker, a general partner of the VC firm, Bond Capital, releases an annual report detailing trends with technology usage and the Internet. As reported in the 2019 Internet Trends Report, the average user is spending a total of 6.3 hours with digital media per day. That is an increase of 7% year over year and it is accelerating.

Another interesting takeaway from this analysis is seen in the breakdown of device usage. The trend currently shows more activity occurring on mobile devices, and moving away from desktops and laptops. This is confirmation of what we are all experiencing in our world. An interesting trend uncovered in the report shows growth in the Other Connected Device category. It reflects a rise in the use of smart televisions, home assistants, and wearable devices. So not only is mobile device usage growing, but usage of internet integrated home and wearable devices are on the escalating also.

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digital media usage chart

There is an audience of potential customers using their devices for multiple hours a day.

As entrepreneurs, we must take our messages where our audience lives, and embrace digital media to reach them.

  • They are engaging people and community using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • They are using Google to search for people, places, and things – Google estimates they receive over 40,000 search requests per second
  • They are viewing videos of cats, instructions on how to install a light switch, and replays of broadcast television shows on YouTube
  • They are streaming movies, tv-series, and documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+

As business owners, our goal has to be to take our messages to our audience on whatever devices and platforms they are using most often.

Advanced Media Strategies

Audio and Video content is more engaging for your viewers and yields superior results:

  • A recent study reports that 82% of social media users would rather watch live video than reading posts.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.
  • 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Our Clients Saying

"The S.E.L.L. System Program helped me connect pieces of information I’ve garnered from multiple resources and put it all together in a comprehensive approach to selling. The course is unique in that it covers the entire online selling process... It pulls all the pieces together so you can actually master selling your products and services online.

Judy Whalen

CEO at The Center for Strategic Change

"The program has helped in many ways, it has given me so much more understanding of how to set things up. Answering the questions I have always had about just how does this all work? what do I do first? how do I do that? What am I supposed to do? ... I would most definitely recommend this course to others because it is so informative with clear instructions, recommendations, and full of resources."

Caroline Andersen

Women's Entrepreneurial Coach

"Like everything, sometimes we need to hear something 3 or more times for it to resonate. This program came at the right time for me to understand, learn & access new resources. The way in which you not only offered the information but things like email replies and other videos was just perfect, thank you..."

Debbie Anderson

Growth Coach


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